Month: October 2020


CodeNotary immudb has been listed on the Chainstack marketplace to speed up the immudb deployment or to extend your existing Chainstack basd nodes. The immudb listing can be found here: Chainstack marketplace immudb is the blazing-fast and lightweight immutable key/value database to store sensitive data in a tamperproof manner. Able to process millions of write …

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vChain has announced today a new partnership with Altea Federation of Italy with the aim of offering complete security of sensitive data. A black swan is a rare and unpredictable event because it falls outside the range of normal human expectations. It is no coincidence that the Covid-19 pandemic is often associated with this concept, …

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immudb support for ARM architectures It’s exciting to learn that more and more projects are using immudb as their core immutable data storage. Different projects also mean different deployments and requirements. One of the latest requests we received, is the support for ARM architecture. Besides running immudb on ARM server hardware, some IoT projects are …

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