Month: October 2019


VMware vSphere – install Centos 8 and run minishift Many companies are running OpenShift on top of VMware vSphere to deploy, run and manage their container lifecycle. OpenShift uses the container orchestration platform Kubernetes to do so. Especially when developing applications for OpenShift or if you just want to run a local test environment to …

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Securing your Azure DevOps Ecosystem, Jenkins and Kubernetes (AKS) – Part 2 The first part of the series about securing your Azure DevOps ecosystem covered Jenkins and the integration of CodeNotary into your Jenkins pipeline. That way you an easily notarize everything that gets produced in your very own pipeline. If you want to double …

securing-your-azure-devops-ecosystem-jenkins-and-kubernetes-aks Read More »


Heptio started a bunch of open source projects designed to help Kubernetes developers and operators to run and maintain their Kubernetes Cluster in the best possible way. VMware acquired Heptio end of last year and released many of the Heption projects under the new VMware Tanzu umbrella.  There are already a couple of projects to …

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Jenkins is one of the most popular CI/CD components in the DevOps world. It’s very easy to deploy and configure and there is a great amount of plugins for all kinds of integration. When using the Azure DevOps ecosystem, Jenkins in combination with Kubernetes (AKS) is such a powerful team. We at CodeNotary want to …

securing-your-azure-devops-ecosystem-jenkins-and-kubernetes-aks-using-codenotary-part-1 Read More »


Docker-compose files can become quite complex and in some cases you would like to document not just the docker-compose.yml content, but also visualize how the different docker-compose service communicate. Furthermore, it can be quite interesting to reverse-engineer docker files to get a better understanding, what they are build of. There are different ways to do …

reverse-engineer-docker-files-and-visualize-docker-compose-files Read More »

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