Month: August 2019


    In a side by side comparison of the commands that need to be entered in order to sign/notarize, verify/authenticate, and revoke trust, it’s easy to see that a blockchain-based alternative is superior in ease of use to GPG. GPG functionality is unnecessarily cumbersome and does not suit the needs of a wide breadth …

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  GPG has been running with a well-known security flaw for a decade, never got around to fixing the problem, and continued to act as a solution for trust and security Recently, an attack took place that resulted in the indefinite, possibly permanent, corruption of the GPG public network. Due to the attack on its …

gpg-certificates-maybe-permanently-poisoned-but-blockchain-offers-a-strong-alternative Read More »


    In cyberspace, where vast amounts of information are flying around at the speed of light and where authors can publish seemingly authoritative content completely anonymously, integrity becomes a strongly sought after commodity. Knowing what you received is authentic, untampered, and from a trusted party is imperative to making informed decisions. To answer these …

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    2018 witnessed a near doubling of the amount of money lost to cybercriminals at an alarming $2.7 billion according to the latest FBI Internet Crime Report. The figure takes into account various types of internet fraud, including those that utilize irreversible wire transfers, which attackers love. In our previous blog in the series …

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We’re more than happy to announce a new database integration in Performance Analyzer: PostgreSQL As we already have support for Microsoft SQL server and Oracle for quite some time, we noticed a great interest from our customer base to add PostgreSQL as well. When running Performance Analyzer 6, you need to make sure to install …

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