Month: May 2019


    In what can be seen as an ironic twist of fate, digital security firms Kaspersky and ESET reported recently how a Zombie-themed video game called ‘Infestation’ by Electronic Extreme delivered malware directly to its players. This was due to an supply chain attack on the video game developer application Microsoft Visual Studio. Electronic …

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  The above video to use CodeNotary to sign a Docker container image. Be sure to note how the video ends with all but one container verification failing, which is exactly as it should be since only one container was signed in the demo. Risk surrounds everyone everyday. For coders, risk is especially important to …

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    CodeNotary is the only decentralized, secure and blockchain based Kubernetes solution out there to guarantee the integrity of the containers running in a k8s cluster. In this blog, we will show you how to find and continuously monitor for unwanted Docker /images/blog in your K8s environment by using CodeNotary and its CLI tool, …

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    There are numerous security measures a developer can perform but nearly half (48%) of all developers say they don’t have enough time to do so. They know security is important but with an often demanding schedule they end up concentrating on developing for functionality instead of security. This kind of thought process can …

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You might have noticed that we, at Opvizor, consistently improve the container support of Performance Analyzer. No matter if you’re running docker container on Docker hosts or you’re using Kubernetes. As we already have one of the most detailed and complete VMware monitoring stack in the industry, especially the Kubernetes monitoring part comes in very …

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    Blockchain is such a new innovation that holds unknown potential, it’s still very much a journey and not a destination. New discoveries are constantly being made with the technology and that challenges our economic fitness. Along with the specter of the groundbreaking value of blockchain, comes new market opportunities. However, as with any …

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This is the third blog of the series and hopefully the last one as I am confident to have gone through all the requirements, issues and limitations of the current code signing process. ‘Code Signing Certificates’ Journey of Pain #3: When Even Signing Isn’t Enough’ shines a light on the extortion by the certificate authority …

code-signing-certificates-journey-of-pain-3-when-even-signing-isnt-enough Read More »

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