Month: April 2019


Every reader of our blog knows in the meantime that we care about NUMA architecture and optimization. Despite the fact that the architecture itself is quite easy to understand, the daily operations struggle to optimize NUMA balancement. It’s already hard to track the current NUMA node balancement in a pure VMware vSphere environment, but monitoring …

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SHAttered: Cracks in Certificate Revocation List Protocols and How to Move Beyond Their Limitations Overview When cybercriminals mask themselves in a cloak of trust utilizing stolen, legitimate credentials in order to infect entities, programs, and code, the world has more often than not turned to utilize a certificate revocation list (CRL). The CRLs cross-reference known …

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    In this blog, we will briefly touch on the importance of DevOps having strong security, current hole in DevOps security aka DevSecOps, Jenkins Automation’s role in the build process, and with a technical walkthrough on how to integrate the vChain CodeNotary tool with your Jenkins build deployment pipeline to ensure its integrity.   …

jenkins-build-deployment-pipeline-a-how-to-for-ensuring-integrity Read More »


  Today, when you look for a well-known application on Google, you are more than likely to find dozens of download links from different websites. Even top-ranking links hide a lot of dangers. In this blog, you will see how a simple Chrome Extension for malware protection can safeguard you better than digital certificates or …

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What is ASUS ShadowHammer supply chain attack? On March 25th, Motherboard reported that hackers managed to hijack ASUS, the 5th-largest  PC manufacturer by unit sales, software supply chain and inject a security backdoor that was installed on over a million computers (according to Kaspersky).     As the attack on Avast CCleaner’s installer did in …

what-the-asus-software-updates-hijack-teach-us-about-software-supply-chain-risks Read More »


We’re more than thrilled to announce our Nutanix Prism Central and Prism Element integration. After weeks of development to integrate all combinations (Nutanix Prism Central, Prism Element, AHV, VMware ESXi) the current version of Performance Analyzer supports Nutanix out of the box, given the correct license is used. Mixing our integrations to achieve an end …

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Debugging crashed Kubernetes container When working with Kubernetes, you’re often amazed how easy container, service or secret configurations can be deployed with a simple kubectl add -f command. At least as long as it works. The moment your Kubernetes container doesn’t start, you are forced to start debugging and the simplicity to create resources based …

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