Month: March 2019


Quite a bold statement you might wonder. But that is our goal for all non-commercial projects. The whole certificate authority industry likes to make money on the back of non-commercial projects. They typically lure you into a free code signing certificate for 1 to 3 years and then there comes payday. If you don’t go …

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The VMware vSAN community grows fast and we see more and more of our customers to integrate our vSAN plugin into Performance Analyzer. Based on great feedback and some interesting findings we updated and added some of our dashboards to show storage histogram profiles per VM and also to calculate current and future vSAN memory …

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We could write this blog post in my favorite Windows text editor, Notepad++.  And I bet millions of other users would agree with me when I say: this Notepad++ project is simply amazing. The open source project Notepad++ has been used for over a decade by developers, system administrators, support engineers and many more people …

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Incredibly, after nearly 3 weeks of back and forth, we finally find a way to get the certificate approval process going, our CPA (to approve our phone number) has been called and our office has been called as well. You can’t choose what number they call, they check it online using DUNS or other services. …

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