Month: January 2018


There are some pretty interesting and helpful blog posts available at the moment and we would like to share some information regarding our new release of Performance Analyzer.You can find here an interesting post from Frank Denneman or just scroll down for more information. Some changes are made in ESXi 6.5 with regards to sizing and …

decoupling-of-cores-per-socket-from-virtual-numa-topology-in-vsphere-6-5 Read More »


By now probably everyone with an internet access who read news in the last couple of days noticed the bad Intel design bug that is affecting millions or even billions of devices, server and client computer. While potential hacker might not be extremely interested spending time to bother personal computer and mobiles, the situation changes …

intel-design-bug-what-about-vmware-esxi-and-vms Read More »


We are very pleased to share Brandon Lee’s blog post about Opvizor Performance Analyzer. Please find Brandon’s article here and many other very helpful tips and information from Brandon on Here is Brandon’s blog post. Monitoring your vSphere environment at the cluster, host, or virtual machine level is key in understanding where performance bottlenecks …

opvizor-performance-analyzer-vmware-performance-monitoring Read More »

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