Month: June 2017


Some of our Performance Analyzer customers either run environments for their tenants or build their own internal multi-tenant environments. One of the biggest issues typically is the performance customer notice vs. the real performance. Who doesn’t know the words "it was a lot faster before we moved the services", or "the last update made everything …

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I can’t get more popular in virtualization than virtual machine snapshots.  No patch or update without the create snapshot functions that gave the administrator a new way of protecting the systems from broken patch installations or configuration modifications. If something goes wrong, you can simply use the VM snapshot to return to the previous status, making the …

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"We receive all key indicators at a glance and no longer have to gather the information in various systems" states one of our customer’s after using Performance Analyzer for more than a year to monitor his VMware environment. As Performance Analyzer comes packed with dozens of dashboards for different purposes and can be enhanced to …

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