Month: November 2016


Abstract from the Dell white paper: This white paper provides an introduction to the Isilon SmartFlash, the foundation of the Isilon flash-based caching performance feature. The paper includes an overview of the OneFS caching architecture and describes the benefits of a SSD-based caching solution. Announcing EMC Isilon OneFS 8.0.1 from Dell Blog posting from Risa …

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Here are many white papers available from Amazon, the latest are e.g. AWS Cloud Transformation Maturity Model Jenkins on AWS AWS Database Migration Service Best Practices and also white papers from Amazon partners, e.g. Oracle Database 12c on the AWS Cloud Bitbucket Data Center on the AWS Cloud JIRA Software Data Center on the AWS …

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10 on Tech Episode 012: Interview with Dennis Zimmer, our CEO of Opvizor On this episode, James Green talked with Dennis Zimmer – friend of the IT community and CEO of Opvizor. In his current capacity, Dennis talks to a lot of IT professionals about the monitoring and troubleshooting issues they have, particularly in vSphere …

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Rand Group offers a possibility to optimize your performance on SQL servers. As an IT Professional, your goal is to keep the technology environment humming along so no one has reason to yell at talk to you. Rand Group specializes in improving the performance of Business Applications like Microsoft Dynamics ERP, SharePoint, CRM, and Exchange. …

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