Month: July 2016


August 2015, VMware announced Validate Designs. Though not brand new anymore, there have been some questions within the community about exactly what Validated Designs actually is, what it does, why it’s needed, and how it affects VMware monitoring tools and activities. Validated Designs are actually architectures that were developed and validated by VMware gurus.  The …

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Unless you’re a hard core techie, you probably think that the cloud is virtualization and virtualization is cloud. ‘The cloud’ has come to be used as somewhat of a catchall term — a term used to refer to a wide range of products and services, including IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and all of the related ‘aaS’s’ …

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Dana Bull is a marketing specialist with vendor-independent software company Leostream. We recently checked in with Dana to learn more about Leostream and how companies are embracing virtualization today. Here’s what she had to say: Can you tell us about Leostream. What are you known for?  Leostream is a driver in the evolving virtualization space …

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Virtual Machine Security & VMware Monitoring: Dark Art or Actual Science? Virtual machine security and VMware monitoring should be all science, right? But it isn’t. According to professionals at Kaspersky Lab, assuring the security and health of a virtual network is still very much a black art. One of the primary issues is that businesses …

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