Month: May 2016


What Is VMware Photon Controller – Everything You Wanted To Know About Photon Controller Well, when it comes to technological business, certain rules are in place when it comes to longevity. You can’t survive several decades without have an effective strategy which changes with time. And one of those important strategies is to creatively destroy …

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VMware Hyper-Converged software takes standard x86 servers and DAS (directly-attached storage) and morphs it into a truly simple Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (abbreviated as HCI).  This helps cut down the rising costs of storage, keeps complexity under control, and removes many of the performance limitations. It also makes it easy to leverage the most cost-effective and high-performance …

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VMware Virtual SAN, or VSAN, is a storage platform that is hypervisor converged, software defined, and completely integrated with vSphere. It aggregates locally attached disks containing hosts that are part of a vSphere cluster in order to establish a distributed shared storage solution. It allows for super fast provisioning of storage in vCenter, as a …

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VMware snapshots can be seen as point in time copies (or little pictures) of a virtual machine’s disk file and the configuration the time they are created. Snapshots preserve the disk files content so that they can be reverted back to in the event that something goes wrong with the virtual machine. Snapshots are extremely helpful when …

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