Month: March 2016


The Windows 10 operating system marks a drastic change from all previous operating systems.  Using VMware Fusion 8 (in fact, version 7 also offers many of these capabilities, as well), Mac users can use and enjoy all of the Windows 10 applications, without having to migrate to Windows/Microsoft machines and operating system.   Not too many …

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It’s an interesting time, indeed. The only time the buzz about one new device dies down is when the hullabaloo over another device cranks up. Developers are dealing with hodgepodge infrastructures that include a bit of legacy system here, a dabble of new application there, and a whole lot of in-between.  VMware is trying to …

introducing-vmware-app-volumes-3-0-whats-new-cloud-volumes-vmware-monitoring-and-more Read More »


Things haven’t been easy around VMware recently, not for investors or employees or customers wondering what the future holds. While some product development is halted or stunted pending new administration (Workstation and Fusion, for example), other products are also up for debate. At the recent VMworld event, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger spoke about some of …

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The hybrid cloud offers a number of benefits, making it a popular business solution: it provides on-demand access to IT resources when developing new software and applications and easy management of existing applications, as well. Many enterprises and large organizations turn to the VMware vCloud Hybrid Service for their hybrid cloud needs. Not only are …

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