Month: February 2016


Sometimes when you add a host to a VMware vCenter HA Cluster the operation fails with a timeout for cluster election. That is still happening when running VMware vCenter 6.0 and adding 5.5 hosts to it. The normal way is to start a Reconfigure for vSphere HA on the troubled ESXi Host within the cluster. …

vsphere-ha-waiting-for-cluster-election-to-complete-operation-timed-out Read More »


Andreas Peetz, VMware vExpert and blogger tweeted about a major issue in VMware vSphere 6 when it comes to path failover situations. VMware is aware of the issue that is covered in KB article 2144657. Cause An inadvertent change in PDL multipathing behavior in ESXi 6.0 results in alternative working paths for a LUN not being …

storage-pdl-responses-may-not-trigger-path-failover-in-vsphere-6-0 Read More »


When it comes to keeping up with new products, services, and innovations in the tech industry, the realm of conferences and trade shows are largely dominated by the vendor/sponsors. Such is the case with VMworld, Cisco Live, EMC World, Microsoft Tech Ed, Dell World, and others. Not that there’s anything wrong with that — these …

hey-vmware-developers-have-you-heard-of-tech-field-day-learning-better-ways-to-monitor-vmware Read More »


vCenter Server Appliance 6.0 performance charts fail to load with the error: Performance Charts service returned an invalid response (2118223) If you encounter an error as mentioned in the blog title you´ll be surprised what the reason is. Warning Spoiler! IPv6 is disabled and the performance charts service needs IPv6 to run with the default configuration. …

vcenter-server-appliance-6-0-performance-charts-fail-to-load-with-the-error-performance-charts-service-returned-an-invalid-response-2118223 Read More »


Look Out, VMware: Ubuntu 15.10 is Released Into the Wild & What This Means for VMware Monitoring Canonical released Ubuntu 15.10 in October of 2015. Nicknamed Wiley Werewolf, it is available for download, and comes with a number of new features and improvements. It comes with Linux Kernel 4.2, which itself features a number of …

look-out-vmware-ubuntu-15-10-is-released-into-the-wild-what-this-means-for-vmware-monitoring Read More »


Cloud-native computing is making a powerful impact on the world of IT development, and VMware is one of the main reasons why. A new group devoted to cloud-native computing was just announced in December of last year. VMware has also made some significant cloud-native investments that prove they are the dominant force in virtualization and …

5-native-cloud-initiatives-that-prove-vmware-is-the-dominant-force-in-virtualization-and-container-technology Read More »


3 Experts Give Their Ideas & Insight on VMware VSAN and Hyper-Convergence Hyper-Convergence is the practice of combining the storage and compute features of an application into the same chassis. The premise behind Hyper-Convergence is that it will be easier to scale up operations. Not surprisingly, it’s been a hotly debated subject, some advocating the …

3-experts-give-their-ideas-insight-on-vmware-vsan-and-hyper-convergence Read More »

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