Month: January 2016


One of the biggest tasks facing system administrators today is finding efficient host memory reclamation techniques to support memory overcommitment, says Raffaele Giordanelli, CEO and CTO of Eco4Cloud. One way to do this is through ballooning. "Virtual memory ballooning is a RAM memory reclamation technique used by a ESX hypervisor to allow the physical host …

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What if you could radically improve your search performance while drastically bettering and speeding your troubleshooting efforts? Unstructured data has the power to improve all of your physical, virtual, and cloud environments with powerful analytics, operational intelligence, and improved visibility across the organization. Here’s what unstructured data is and how it can improve your VMware …

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Released in March, vSphere 6 is another step in the direction toward a fully software-defined data center. In this environment, all of the infrastructure layers will be virtualized, and the virtual machine is the centerpiece of all the action. Policy will direct all of the provision, monitoring, and management tasks. The importance of any given …

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As expected, VMware Europe was a buzz of announcement, exciting keynote speeches, and amazing news in the world of networking. The event was held at the elegant Fira Gran Via in Barcelona, Spain, which is one of the largest and most sophisticated venues in all of Europe. It turned out to be the biggest VMworld …

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