Month: December 2015


Are you a Hyper-V user looking to make an entrance into the world of VMware vSphere? Perhaps you’re a VMware administrator trying to take on some Hyper-V? Whatever the situation, you’ll need to know the differences between, the similarities between, and the capabilities of each platform. Here is your guide.  The Size of Your Organization …

vmware-vsphere-versus-microsoft-hyperv-how-can-you-decide-vmware-performance-monitoring-and-other-considerations Read More »


Whether you’re making the switch from Microsoft HyperV to vSphere, or just need to be able to discuss the two platforms intelligently, you will find that there are a number of terms that are just enough different between the two as to make conversations a bit confusing. Here is a list of VMware vSphere terms …

understanding-vmware-vsphere-terminology-when-switching-from-microsoft-hyper-v Read More »


Before you get too wrapped up in unwrapping gifts and wrapping up year-end reports, it’s time to take a peek into next year. What does 2016 have in store? What will the biggest trends in virtualization and VMware be? Here’s a preview of what’s to come.  1. Virtual Desktops Finally Take Off  Microsoft still leads …

4-virtualization-and-vmware-monitoring-trends-to-stay-on-top-in-2016 Read More »


According to the most recent figures a whopping 73 percent of all companies around the world do not have adequate disaster readiness preparations. About 60 percent lack any completed disaster recovery plan, while one-third of those businesses with a plan have not tested to see if it works or not. Sixty-five percent do try to …

are-you-neglecting-disaster-recovery-testing-your-vmware-environment Read More »


Those who say that cloud computing is complicated and hard to understand obviously have never dealt with the wild, whacky world of the stock market. Such is certainly the case surrounding the attempt at merging VMware parent company EMC with computer manufacturer and tech company Dell. EMC is No Stranger to Merger and Acquisitions Talks …

is-the-emc-dell-deal-unraveling-over-vmware-tax-liability Read More »


Perhaps it is a response to uncertain economic times, or maybe it’s just an inevitable acceptance of all things cloud, but for whatever reasons, the ‘aaS’ model of IT has caught on big time. The ‘aaS’, as it does with ‘SaaS’, ‘PaaS’, ‘IaaS’, etc. means ‘as a Service’. This model of providing IT products requires …

just-what-we-need-another-aas-discussing-dbaas-and-its-contribution-to-it Read More »

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