Month: November 2015


If you happen to be in (or are looking for a reason to be in) the region of Denmark near the holidays, VMware will be hosting the Nordic VMUG UserCon on December 1, 2015 at the Scandic Copenhagen Hotel. While this is a small conference, they’ve managed to pull together a pretty impressive little list …

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Using VMware to Power Your Mobile Workforce Today’s workforce is rapidly evolving from the stereotypical office worker portrayed in Dilbert cartoons. Workers aren’t confined to their desks or the office or even the country in order to do their jobs. ‘Remote workers’ is a broad term that envelopes a wide range of workers, jobs, and …

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Hup, two, three, four … Are your IT assets marching to the right step? Good asset management helps you control the lifecycles of your IT assets so that you can plan for things like maintenance, repairs, and replacements, and never get blindsided by a huge expense for new equipment or software that you didn’t see …

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Have you checked the news recently? It doesn’t really matter what day you watch. Pick one, and there is almost certainly going to be a report on some kind of disaster that impacts businesses. Floods, fires, earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, acts of terrorism … the list of potential disasters is long. Systems and networks outages …

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Keeping your VMware system safe from intruders is an absolute priority just as it is with a physical system. By reducing access and applying security patches, administrators keep the system more like Fort Knox than Fannie Mae. VMware searches for security issues and provides alerts to customers when problems are found. Making sure that your …

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