Month: October 2015


Cloud-based systems make working easier. You’ve decided that using a single physical machine that runs multiple virtual machines is a way for your business to save space, energy, and money. This goal includes the use of virtual machines using different operating systems and running multiple apps run on a single physical computer by interfacing with …

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Just like cloud computing and big data, the Internet of Things (or IoT) has ceased being just a cool buzzword to toss around, and has become a factor that developers have to deal with. The IoT manifested first in the industrial world with machine sensors, instruments in engines, etc. Only recently has it taken off …

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Containers aren’t new. In fact, that technology has been around for years in the form of Linux containers, which Google and other big-name tech companies got on board with and pushed heartily. But containers were a quiet, in the background kind of thing until Docker hit the scene a few years ago. Now the big …

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Docker has gotten a lot of attention recently. In fact, some claim that Docker containers will eventually take over hypervisor virtualization. While that remains to be seen and really isn’t the scope of this discussion, it is important to be aware of Docker containers because the technology is gaining in popularity and is a determining …

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Are you ready to move ahead in your career? Whether you have your eye on that lucrative promotion or are putting together a kick-butt resume to start handing out to potential employers, there are some must-have skills you need to be working on to become a VMware developer. Here are the things you need to …

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Although you´ve done as much as you can do (or afford) to avoid a virtual machine crash, it can always happen. Sometimes you´re storage system goes down, sometime your HBA breaks or the fabric in between. Many misconfigurations lead to a non-redundant situation you find out about when it goes down. Therefore you should run …

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If you are in IT, chances are you’ve at least heard about the recent VMware 2015 convention which took place in San Francisco at the Moscone Center from August 30-September 3. The convention has outgrown the typical, "Let’s see what all the cloud vendors are up to this year," and has become THE place to …

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