Month: July 2015


Ruxit, a rising star in the APM space that started last year as a privately funded startup under the Dynatrace umbrella, caught our attention some time ago and we decided to integrate it into the monitoring suite we use internally to run our Opvizor cloud services.  Ruxit is definitely different from most products I’ve seen so …

real-issue-predition-goes-a-long-way-to-optimize-vmware-and-docker Read More »


I just read a blog entry from the VMware Office of the CTO about a Fling contest. VMware Flings are  extremly useful tools that are written by VMware employees as a giveaway at These tools are not VMware official products and you don’t get any support for it, but they provide amazing functionality. One …

vmware-powercli-macro-recorder-onyx-for-the-web-client Read More »


We ran into this error in our own testing environment and that is a mean one. As that service failure is based on a software bug, it was pure luck to find the solution in one of the VMware KB articles. You recognize the issue of course immediately as you can’t login into VMware vCenter …

vmware-virtualcenter-server-service-fails-to-start-with-the-error-access-violation Read More »


Unfortunately from time to time you can end up in a situation where your virtual machine is not reacting anymore on operations like vMotion, power-on or releasing a snapshot. The cause is very often a locked VMDK file or CBT file (changed block tracking used by backup software) by a different ESXi than the one …

find-the-esxi-that-owns-the-vmdk-lock-or-other-file-lock-on-a-vmfs-datastore Read More »

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