Month: June 2015


Though vMotion and Storage vMotion each serve a different purpose, they feature a large amount of overlapping technology. Therefore these two vSphere functions fit well together in one chapter. Both technologies are proactive. This means vMotion is used to migrate virtual machines between running ESX-hosts while Storage vMotion migrates the data between fully functional data …

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A pretty old Knowledge Base article has been updated by VMware as the issue is still existing when running vSphere 6. Photo courtesy of griffithchris(CC Attribution) Symptoms Looking at the symptoms mentioned in VMware KB 1005051: Virtual machine appears to be running or registered on multiple ESX/ESXi hosts: This issue occurs when: A vMotion fails …

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Please make sure to check out Nigel’s blog post about how he handles VMware VM snapshots using Snapwatcher! Excerpt: If you know what snapshots are you obviously know the love-hate relationship that they bring to the table. We rely on them for quick rollback points when updating apps or maybe you’re using them on a …

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Santiago Comella-Dorda, Chandra Gnanasambandam, and Bhavik Shah from McKinsey published an article about the adoption and the benefits of cloud computing.  They don’t stop with the common marketing phrases about cloud computing for end customers, they especially cover the aspects from a development perspective as well. We couldn’t agree more to the article content and …

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VM Snapshots continue to be a extremly valuable feature but there are some bugs you can run into. One of the more annoying bugs, if you are affected, is a Windows OS panic when quiescing the file systems due to VM snapshot creation. The read more about this VMware bug, you can read VMware KB article …

vmware-kb-quiescing-operations-cause-a-windows-virtual-machine-to-panic Read More »

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