Month: April 2015


When we started developing opvizor Health Analyzer as a SaaS offering we also thought about System Integrators or Consultants that want to use a single pane of glass across multiple customers (VMware landscape).  Having an updated and direct view of the customers VMware environment is a great help to offer remote support and consulting. Just …

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Not a Search engine, opvizor is the Find engine for VMware vSphere Why comparing management software with search engines like google? Isn´t it annoying that all these tools and software products you are using to optimize and stabilize your VMware vSphere environment are build as some kind of query framework. Of course they do an …

not-a-search-engine-opvizor-is-the-find-engine-for-vmware-vsphere-2 Read More »


Ricky from asked himself after attending a local VMUG in London, how VMware competes with his Eco-system especially looking at the new vROPs release. Photo courtesy of Ricky El-Qasem His great question and our response is definitely worth sharing as more people think and ask the same. “What we receive from customers is that …

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solving-vmware-tools-outdated-or-not-installed about VMware Tools outdated or not installed David Davis at published another article about the bad situation of having VMware Tools outdated or not installed at all. Photo courtesy of VMware Tools outdated article by David Davis Every VMware administrator should be well aware of the negative impact to virtual machines when living with that …

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Introduction After covering the installing of the vCSA in the last article, we now care about the ESXi 6.0 Hosts installation and integration. I need to run the ESXi hosts nested as virtual machines themselves as this will be a testing environment. All systems installed are based on an existing physical environment running vSphere 5.5. …

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Introduction During my daily work as a Systems Engineer at opvizor I’m frequently facing scenarios where customers or developers are asking for things that have to be reproduced in a vSphere environment. As I don’t want to use (and wouldn’t recommend to anyone) the productive infrastructure for testing, I needed something else. Since I cannot …

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