Month: March 2015


  A customer of us was affected by a large number of DRS vMotions and could find that using our vMotion/Storage vMotion report. That report tracks all vMotion and Storage vMotion activities and can be a great help to find large amounts of VM migrations and large vmdk data transfers. He noticed that all the …

restarting-vmware-vcenter-service-triggers-large-amount-of-drs-vmotions Read More »


Again we present one of the common issues we find in our statistics that shows how often customers run into situations like that. Today we cover the problem of a Passive MSCS cluster with RDM and long boot times. You can read more here: ESXi Hosts Hosting Passive MSCS Nodes With RDM LUNs May Take A …

esxi-hosting-passive-mscs-nodes-with-rdm-luns-may-take-a-long-time-to-boot Read More »


[row narrowcontent="true" padding="both" paddingtype="small" animation="fadeInUp"] Fix VM snapshot in VMware vSphere when file lock cannot be released Finding VMware snapshots can already be a nasty and difficult task as some of these hidden or just hard to find as the vSphere environment is pretty large. Therefore it’s important to have scripts, reports and tools like …

fix-vm-snapshot-in-vmware-vsphere-when-file-lock-cannot-be-released Read More »


We continue in presenting different very common VMware issues that can occur. This is based on our statistics and how often customers ran into situations like that. Today we cover the problem of a missing vmdk file that causes the start of a VMware virtual machine to start. You can read more here:


As more and more physical servers are moved into the virtual infrastructure, administrators must ensure that they are monitoring their virtual infrastructure to prevent performance issues, misconfigurations, and capacity bottlenecks before they cause degradation of critical enterprise applications. Unfortunately, most of the virtualization monitoring solutions available today don’t make that task an easy one. While …

evolutionary-vmware-infrastructure-monitoring-with-predictive-analytics Read More »


A customer of us informed us about the following situation he ran into. Some of his VMware vSphere VMs became unresponsive for about an our (based on VMware KB article it can be 30 minutes or much longer) when he removed a VM snapshot. Issue cause As written in VMware KB article 2039754 the issue …

vm-gets-unresponsive-when-removing-a-snapshot-snapshot-consolidation Read More »


Introduction Virtual machine snapshots are one of the most useful features of VMware vSphere as they preserve the state of a virtual machine’s virtual disk and, optionally, virtual memory before a critical event such as an application upgrade or configuration change. VM Snapshots are also taken by most virtualization backup applications at the start of …

vmware-vsphere-vm-snapshot-size-and-age-issues Read More »

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